FDP: Employers support twelve-point paper | STERN.de

FDP: Employers support twelve-point paper |  STERN.de

Once again, the FDP has strained the nerves of its coalition partners and circulated a twelve-point paper for an “economic turnaround”. At least a strong supporter has now spoken out.

In the debate about the FDP’s plans for an “economic turnaround”, the party is receiving support from German employers. “The FDP’s twelve-point paper is hopefully a kickstart for the urgently needed debate in the coalition on Germany as a location,” said employers’ president Rainer Dulger to the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday edition). “I would welcome it if the traffic light coalition seriously discussed the FDP’s proposals and tackled reforms. The time until the next federal election must not be wasted.”

FDP paper calls for retirement to end at 63

The twelve-point paper contains, among other things, the demand for tough sanctions for recipients of citizens’ benefit and an end to pensions at 63. The FDP also wants to abolish state subsidies for wind and solar energy systems and suspend the supply chain law.

SPD leader Saskia Esken rejected the Liberals’ demands. “As a social democrat, I consider the points in it to be pointless and outdated,” she told the newspapers of the editorial network Germany (RND, Wednesday editions). “But they will not be implemented in this coalition.”

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