Maximilian Krah: Suspected spy from his office wanted BND job

Maximilian Krah: Suspected spy from his office wanted BND job

Maximilian Krah’s suspected espionage employee probably didn’t want to go to the EU Parliament. He is said to have previously applied to the BND and the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution. But they didn’t want him.

The employee of AfD MEP Maximilian Krah, who was arrested for suspected espionage for China, tried to work for the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) a few years ago. However, according to information from the German Press Agency (DPA), the foreign intelligence service refused to cooperate with Jian G. at the time.

According to reports, the man was later presented to the Saxon Office for the Protection of the Constitution, where he was not taken into account either – also because he was not considered reliable. The ARD had previously reported on the unsuccessful applications from G., from whom Krah has since separated.

Maximilian Krahs has been employed since 2019

The Federal Prosecutor General accuses G., who was arrested in Dresden on Monday evening, of being an agent for a foreign secret service in a particularly serious case. The German of Chinese origin is said to have passed on information from the EU Parliament and spied on Chinese dissidents in Germany.

Krah is a member of the Committees on International Trade and the Subcommittees on Human Rights and Security and Defense. He is also part of the delegation for relations with the USA. G., whom he had known for many years, worked in his office from 2019. The AfD is heading into the European election campaign with Krah as its top candidate.

Parliamentarians can choose their own employees

Members of the European Parliament and the Bundestag enjoy great freedom in selecting their employees. A security check, which also includes the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, only exists for employees of members of the Bundestag if they are supposed to have access to information in committees that is classified as classified information. According to information from “Welt am Sonntag”, a speaker from the Foreign Affairs Working Group of the AfD parliamentary group failed at this hurdle in the past. She is therefore not allowed to attend meetings of the Foreign Affairs Committee or read security-related documents.

The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution repeatedly warns German MPs about the risks of espionage and influence peddling. In July 2023, for example, there was a note from the domestic secret service to politicians and administration about the Chinese Communist Party’s methods of influencing and obtaining information.

The Federal Intelligence Service does not want to say anything about the rejected application

Officially, the BND did not want to comment on the alleged spy G.’s unsuccessful application as an employee. A spokesman said that as a general rule, the company does not comment publicly on matters relating to possible intelligence findings or activities. The Federal Intelligence Service reports on relevant topics, in particular to the Federal Government and the responsible, secretly meeting committees of the German Bundestag.

After the espionage affair, the next scandal is already waiting for AfD politician Maximilian Krah

The Dresden Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating investigations against Krah in connection with possible payments from Russia and China. The preliminary investigations serve to check whether there is any initial suspicion of criminal conduct involving bribery of members of parliament. If an initial suspicion is confirmed, a formal investigation could subsequently be initiated. However, the prerequisite for this would be that the EU Parliament, of which Krah is a member, first lifts his immunity. Krah himself denies any wrongdoing.

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