Maneuvers for the European elections: SPD hijacks CDU internet address for election campaign

Maneuvers for the European elections: SPD hijacks CDU internet address for election campaign

People don’t begrudge each other anything: the SPD grabs a domain that the CDU would probably have liked. But Christian Democrats have also managed a similar maneuver in the past.

In the run-up to the European elections, the Social Democrats are also attacking the competition online and have secured a possible CDU domain. Anyone who enters “cdu.eu” in the browser will not access content from the Christian Democrats, but will see a picture of the SPD’s top candidate for the European elections, Katarina Barley, together with Chancellor Olaf Scholz. The slogan is “No way gets past us.” The user is then redirected to the SPD election campaign website. Several media outlets initially reported on it.

Malice for the opponent in the European election campaign

So that it is clear to everyone who is behind it, the SPD election campaign team is drawing the attention of its followers to the successful coup in a post on Instagram. In one picture, Barley and Scholz can be seen in front of a red background, next to the inscription “We secure peace and jobs”. A turquoise stripe next to it reads “Others don’t even care about cdu.eu.”

When asked by the Editorial Network Germany (RND), the CDU did not want to comment on the SPD’s maneuver. The official domain of the CDU campaign website for the European election campaign is europawahl.cdu.de, as a spokeswoman confirmed.

Moves like the SPD’s are by no means new. Already in 2018, the party secured the slogan “Söder does it” on the internet in the state elections in Bavaria. At that time, the CSU had campaigned for a vote in favor of their party in order to appoint Markus Söder as Prime Minister. The CDU itself also had the Internet domains reserved with the respective election campaign slogans of the Greens and FDP before the repeat of the Berlin House of Representatives election in 2023.

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