Deportation to Rwanda: First migrant arrested in England

Deportation to Rwanda: First migrant arrested in England

Despite much criticism, the British government is sticking to deporting migrants who arrived illegally to Rwanda. Their asylum application should be processed there. The first people were taken into custody.

According to the Home Office, the first migrants destined for deportation to Rwanda have been arrested by police in Great Britain. “The first illegal migrants to be deported to Rwanda have now been arrested,” the Interior Ministry said on Wednesday. The ministry called the step a “further milestone” in the British plan to deport irregular migrants to the East African country in the future.

The Interior Ministry further explained that “a series of nationwide operations” are underway. It published photographs and video footage of people being taken away in handcuffs and placed in vehicles. Home Secretary James Cleverly said his House was working to “quickly arrest those people who have no right to be here so we can get the flights taking off.”

5,700 people are threatened with deportation to Rwanda

In the future, people who entered the country irregularly should be able to be deported to Rwanda regardless of their origin and without having their asylum application examined. The East African country was classified as a safe third country. According to the government’s plans, a total of 5,700 migrants are to be exported to Rwanda by the end of the year.

According to the new model, asylum applications will now be examined by the Rwandan government in Kigali. If they are accepted, the refugees will be granted residency rights in the East African country and will not be able to return to Great Britain. According to the government’s wishes, the deportations should begin by July.

The British government hopes that the deportations will have a deterrent effect on migrants. According to official statistics, more than 57,000 people arrived in the UK in small boats across the English Channel between January 2022 and June 2023. In the first four months of this year, more than 7,200 people came into the country this way – a new record.

Finally, the question remained open as to which airline would fly people to Rwanda. UN rights experts have warned that airlines and aviation authorities could be violating international human rights if they take part in the deportations. According to Sunak, the government has already signed a contract with a commercial provider.

Meanwhile, on Monday, according to consistent media reports, a rejected asylum seeker left Great Britain for Rwanda for the first time as part of a voluntary return program.

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