Middle East conflict: Pro-Palestinian protests in front of HU Berlin

Middle East conflict: Pro-Palestinian protests in front of HU Berlin

Pro-Palestinian protests have been taking place at US universities for just over two weeks. There are also demonstrations in Berlin. The action was not registered.

Dozens of people gathered at the Humboldt University in Berlin for pro-Palestinian protests. About 90 people, many wearing Palestinian scarves, demonstrated in an unregistered sit-in in the courtyard of the Mitte campus on Friday afternoon, police said. Other supporters were in front of the building, around 150 people in total. Many of the mostly young people wore Palestinian scarves.

The president of the university, Julia von Blumenthal, was also there and spoke to the protesters. “When injustice becomes justice, resistance becomes a duty,” read one sign, while another read “From the Spree to Overseas the people will rise in solidarity.” “). “Viva Palestine” was heard on site.

In the USA, there have been protests at numerous universities for more than two weeks against the Israeli military operation against the Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip and in solidarity with the Palestinians living there. According to media reports, 2,000 people were arrested in connection with this.

The protests are mostly about demanding that universities and companies cut financial ties with Israel. Critics accuse the radical part of the protest movement in particular of anti-Semitism and trivializing the terrorist organization Hamas.

Source: Stern

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