Health: Medical President for more targeted patient control

Health: Medical President for more targeted patient control

If you have any symptoms, go to the doctor. Or to another doctor? Or to the hospital? Many people look for the contact point themselves – and then hope for an appointment. Should it stay that way?

Medical President Klaus Reinhardt calls for greater control of patients during treatments in practices and clinics. The aim must be to use resources in such a coordinated and efficient way that they meet people’s actual treatment needs, said the head of the German Medical Association of the German Press Agency before the German Doctors’ Day in Mainz. “The right to freely choose a doctor must of course be preserved.” However, insured persons should have the opportunity to bindingly choose a practice that provides basic care and coordinates further treatments.

Functioning coordination requires commitment from everyone involved, for example by reliably adhering to “supply paths”. “For this to happen, commitment has to be worth it,” emphasized Reinhardt with a view to patients – for example through reliably short waiting times and smooth access to specialists. This would not reduce overall health care spending, but the money could be used more specifically to benefit patients. Because unnecessary visits to the doctor due to multiple appointments would be eliminated.

Guiding patients through care in a more targeted manner is a key topic at the Doctors’ Day. Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is expected to attend the opening this Tuesday. The SPD politician spoke out in favor of more coordinated care in practices and clinics. In the medium and long term, a government commission is proposing a “primary doctor system” made up of general practitioners, internists, pediatricians, gynecologists and psychiatrists. It could then also take over the control of patients through their care.

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