Matthias Ecke: Attack on SPD politician shocks Berlin

Matthias Ecke: Attack on SPD politician shocks Berlin

SPD politician Matthias Ecke was beaten to the hospital while posting posters in Dresden. The attack outraged Berlin politicians across party lines.

Federal politicians have expressed their dismay at an attack on the Saxon MEP Matthias Ecke (SPD) while posting posters in Dresden. Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) said on Saturday that she condemned the serious act of violence in the strongest possible terms. At the same time, she announced tough action by the constitutional state.

Faeser said: “If a politically motivated attack on MEP Matthias Ecke is confirmed a few weeks before the European elections, then this serious act of violence is also a serious attack on democracy. We are experiencing a new dimension of anti-democratic violence here.” She added that extremists and populists who are fomenting an increasing climate of violence with completely unrestricted verbal hostilities against democratic politicians bear a share of the responsibility for the fact that attacks are becoming more and more frequent. “The constitutional state must and will respond to this with tough action and further protective measures for the democratic forces in our country. I will discuss this very quickly with the interior ministers of the federal states.”

Habeck wishes Matthias Ecke a speedy recovery

Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) wrote: “The attack on Matthias Ecke, Saxon SPD’s leading candidate for the European elections, is frightening. It demands our attention, our outrage. It and all the other attacks on campaign workers, politicians, are aimed at intimidating people, scaring them and forcing them to retreat. They are attacks on our democracy, on our republic. They are the disgusting and inexcusable result of a brutalization of language, debate and disinhibition in the so-called social media .” He wishes Matthias Ecke a speedy recovery and wishes him and everyone else affected by these attacks strength and strength.

FDP leader and Finance Minister Christian Lindner called the act “shocking”. He told the “Tagesspiegel”: “The disinhibition of political debate affects us all.” Everyone can be next. “That’s why we are all called upon to oppose the escalation.”

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wrote on Saturday on ” The Green party leader Ricarda Lang wrote on the platform that violence in the election campaign was an attack on democracy and therefore on all of us. Your full solidarity goes out to everyone.

Strack-Zimmermann is “stunned”

The FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann explained on Linnemann wrote on

Ecke was seriously injured and treated in hospital. While putting up election posters for the SPD late on Friday evening, four unknown people hit the 41-year-old, the police announced on Saturday.

Source: Stern

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