History: Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel in the shadow of the Gaza War

History: Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel in the shadow of the Gaza War

In the shadow of the Gaza war, Israel remembers the millions of Jewish victims during the Holocaust. Netanyahu draws the lesson: Israel must defend itself.

Israel has remembered six million Jews who were murdered by the German Nazis and their accomplices during the Holocaust. On Monday morning, sirens wailed across the country for two minutes in remembrance. Cars remained on the streets and passers-by remained silent in memory of the victims. The central memorial event then began at the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem.

This year, Remembrance Day is being celebrated in the shadow of the Gaza war, which has already lasted seven months. More than a hundred Israeli hostages are still held by the Islamist terrorist organization Hamas.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized on the occasion of Holocaust Remembrance Day that Israel must defend itself – if necessary all alone. “During the terrible Holocaust, there were important leaders who stood aside. The first lesson from the Holocaust is therefore: if we do not defend ourselves, no one else will defend us,” he explained on Sunday evening at Yad Vashem. “And if we have to stand on our own, then we will stand on our own.”

There are still around 130,000 Holocaust survivors

It is estimated that the German National Socialists and their accomplices murdered around six million Jews during the Nazi regime (1933 to 1945).

According to official figures, there are still 132,826 Holocaust survivors living in Israel. 2,500 of them were affected by the events of October 7th and around 2,000 were forced to leave their homes because of the Gaza war.

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