Secret services: Baerbock: “Russian war of aggression at all levels”

Secret services: Baerbock: “Russian war of aggression at all levels”

The Federal Foreign Minister once again condemns the Russian cyber attack and points out the complexity of the attacks from Moscow.

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) has once again sharply criticized the Russian cyber attacks on the SPD and German companies. “We see that the Russian war of aggression is being waged at all levels,” said the Green politician during her visit to the Pacific state of Fiji.

This included the blockade of Ukrainian grain exports, but there were also massive cyber attacks that targeted not only Ukraine, but also the SPD and German companies. “This is a process that is irresponsible. This is a process that we cannot remain silent about,” said Baerbock. That is why the German ambassador in Moscow, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, was called back to Berlin for consultations for a week.

The Foreign Office had already announced this in Berlin yesterday. “The federal government takes this event very seriously as behavior against our liberal democracy and the institutions that support it,” said a spokeswoman.

Cyber ​​attacks on the SPD and German companies in the logistics, armaments, aerospace and IT services sectors had previously been made public. The federal government blamed a Russian military intelligence unit for this. “Russian state hackers have attacked Germany in cyberspace,” Baerbock said on Friday during her visit to Australia.

Source: Stern

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