Espionage allegations: AfD politician Krah’s offices searched in Brussels

Espionage allegations: AfD politician Krah’s offices searched in Brussels

A former employee of AfD MP Maximilian Krah is said to have spied for China. Searches are now taking place in Brussels – including in Krah’s offices.

In connection with the espionage allegations against a former employee of AfD MEP Maximilian Krah, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has had the politician’s and the suspect’s offices in the Brussels European Parliament searched. As the Karlsruhe authorities announced, the European Parliament had agreed to enter the premises. “Zeit Online” and ARD had previously reported.

Krah’s former employee with Chinese roots is suspected of having carried out espionage for China. He is said to have worked for the AfD politician since 2019. On April 22nd he was arrested in Dresden. He is now in custody and Krah has separated from him.

The European Parliament said that, as always, the European Parliament is working with the national authorities. In this context, access was granted. A spokesman for the Belgian public prosecutor’s office said they had acted at the request of the German authorities.

The Federal Prosecutor General announced: “The measures are taken in the proceedings against Jian G. on suspicion of secret service agent activity.” Krah’s office was searched because he was a witness in this case. He himself is not an accused.

Krah and his office initially did not respond to inquiries from the German Press Agency. The documents belonging to Krah are protected by his immunity as a deputy. Immunity can only be lifted by a resolution of Parliament at the request of the authorities.

Source: Stern

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