Federal Government: Scholz: The answer to politicians’ attacks is “go vote”

Federal Government: Scholz: The answer to politicians’ attacks is “go vote”

Bullying, threatening emails and physical attacks: attacks on politicians are increasing. The Chancellor finds clear words.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has called for people to cast a vote in the upcoming elections in response to attacks against politicians. “Attacks on our democracy concern us all,” said Scholz in a video message. One should not stand idly by when politicians, election campaigners and volunteers are brutally attacked. “An answer that each and every one of us can give is very simple: go vote!” emphasized the Chancellor.

Postal voting for the European elections is already starting on June 9th. For the first time, 16 and 17 year olds could also vote in Germany. “My request also to you and them,” said Scholz: “Join us!” A united Europe is too precious “to be left to those who want to destroy it.” As examples, Scholz cited populists who called for Germany to leave the EU and people who saw Russia and China as role models.

Europe secures prosperity and the future for Germany, emphasized the Chancellor. Every fourth job depends on exports, without the EU people would have less money. In addition, the EU, with its 450 million citizens, has a completely different political weight than a single country. “This is crucial in uncertain times like these,” said Scholz. It is irresponsible to question a united Europe in times of the Ukraine war and the possible election of a new US president.

Source: Stern

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