Ukraine: Zelenskyj fires head of his bodyguard because of attack plans

Ukraine: Zelenskyj fires head of his bodyguard because of attack plans

Volodymyr Zelenskyj has relieved the head of his bodyguard of his duties. Shortly beforehand, two high-ranking officers from the department had been arrested.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has fired the head of his bodyguard, Serhiy Rud, after allegedly foiling plans to attack him. Several Ukrainian media outlets reported this unanimously on Thursday, citing a presidential decree. The reason for the dismissal was not given. On Tuesday, however, the Ukrainian secret service SBU announced the discovery of Russian attack plans against Zelensky. Two high-ranking state security officers were also arrested. This is the department that Rud led.

The secret service agents in Kiev placed responsibility for the planned attack on their Russian colleagues from the FSB. “One task of the FSB network was to find assassins among the military who are close to the president’s personal security so that they could take the head of state hostage and then kill him,” the SBU in Kiev said in a statement.

$50,000 for attack on Volodymyr Zelensky?

In addition, SBU chief Wassylyi Malyuk and the head of army intelligence Kyryl Budanov were also named as potential targets. Budanov should therefore be killed before Orthodox Easter on May 5th. To do this, the recruited agents should hand over the coordinates of the house where Budanov is staying. This should then be destroyed with a rocket.

To corroborate the allegations, the SBU published a recording of an allegedly wiretapped phone call in which one of the officers with the rank of colonel was said to have been offered $50,000 (46,300 euros) for taking part in the attack.

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