Nikki Haley: Trump excludes former competitor as running mate

Nikki Haley: Trump excludes former competitor as running mate

For months, Republicans have been positioning themselves to fight as Trump’s deputy. The ex-president is fueling the competition – and has now clearly rejected a party colleague.

Speculation has been going on for months as to who will be Donald Trump’s running mate in the race for the White House. Now the ex-president has ruled out a possible candidate – his former competitor Nikki Haley. “Nikki Haley is not being considered for vice president, but I wish her all the best,” the Republican wrote on Saturday on the platform he co-founded, Truth Social.

The announcement doesn’t really come as a surprise since Haley had repeatedly criticized Trump. Nevertheless, it is strikingly clear, because the choice for Haley could have proven to be tactically clever for Trump. Before Trump’s post, the portal “Axios” reported that Haley was being considered by Trump’s team as a possible running mate.

Exit after weeks of duel with Trump

The former US ambassador to the United Nations fought a week-long duel with Trump in the internal Republican primaries for the presidential candidacy, but had no chance and ultimately gave up. The 52-year-old sharpened her profile through the duel. After leaving the race, she did not stand behind Trump. Things had become quiet around her in the past few weeks.

Nevertheless, her name was repeatedly mentioned in reference to Trump’s “running mate”. Because it could have appealed to a more moderate electorate that might have scared off Trump with his rhetoric and behavior. At the same time, she is hated by die-hard Trump supporters. Both Trump and Haley would have had to do a lot of convincing to sell themselves as a duo. It would also have been more than questionable whether Haley would have been available at all.

Who will be Trump’s “running mate”?

For months, various names have been circulating about who Trump could bring to his side. It remains to be seen whether he will proceed strategically or whether he would prefer to choose someone who is absolutely loyal to him. The names of Congressmen Elise Stefanik and Tim Scott keep coming up. The governor of the US state of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, is also in discussion. However, one person may have been eliminated recently: the governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem. She bragged in a book about shooting her dog, Cricket, causing outrage.

The presidential election in November will come down to a neck-and-neck race between Trump and the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden. The 81-year-old Biden continues to rely on his deputy Kamala Harris as his so-called running mate.

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