Olaf Scholz supports Christian Lindner’s savings plans

Olaf Scholz supports Christian Lindner’s savings plans

The traffic light coalition has been arguing over the money for the coming budget for weeks. Now Olaf Scholz speaks out in the stern interview – and supports his finance minister’s austerity plans.

In the midst of the budget dispute, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) sided with Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) with an austerity announcement and appealed to the responsibility of the ministers. “The finance minister gave the departments limits – that was agreed upon with me,” said Scholz in an interview with star. Wishes and reality would have to be reconciled by the beginning of July. “I hope that everyone is aware of their responsibility and that we can do this together.”

The Social Democrat continued: “The financial framework for the federal budget is clear; it is set by tax revenue and the constitution.” He rejected exceptions to the debt brake. “We shouldn’t make life too easy for ourselves. Now it’s time to sweat.”

Scholz was confident that the coalition would survive the summer despite the budget dispute and made it clear that he wanted to remain chancellor after the next federal election despite the poor reputation of the traffic light coalition. “I would like to remain Chancellor beyond autumn 2025,” he said. When asked how great the chance was for a millionaire with a private jet to become chancellor, Scholz replied: “That is very, very unlikely.”

Read the full interview with Olaf Scholz here

Source: Stern

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