US election: Biden mocks Trump’s disinfectant idea

US election: Biden mocks Trump’s disinfectant idea

The election campaign in the USA is in full swing. US President Biden and his opponent Trump are not on good terms with each other. Now the incumbent is rehashing an old idea from his opponent.

US President Joe Biden has taunted his rival Donald Trump and mocked a now-infamous statement made by his predecessor about disinfectants in the fight against the coronavirus.

“I will never forget how he lied about the pandemic and advised Americans to inject bleach into their skin,” Biden said on Tuesday evening (local time) during a speech at a non-governmental organization gala. “I wonder if he did that. It would explain a lot.” The 81-year-old Democrat got a few laughs from the audience.

In the spring of 2020 – shortly after the start of the pandemic – the then US President Trump used comments from a government expert as an opportunity to make his comments about disinfectants. An employee of the Department of Homeland Security explained that bleach and disinfectants quickly killed the coronavirus pathogen on dry metal surfaces such as a door handle.

Trump then raised the question of whether injecting people with disinfectant could be helpful in the fight against the coronavirus. “It would be interesting to look into that,” he said at a press conference at the time. Ultimately, of course, it’s up to doctors, “but it sounds interesting to me.” The Republican’s statement sparked international outrage. Trump later called the disinfectant idea “sarcasm.”

The presidential election in November will come down to a neck-and-neck race between Biden and Trump. The Democrat once again called Trump a “loser” in his speech. He emphasized: “We are a country of honesty, decency, faith and fairness.” Biden repeatedly publicly attacks Trump and warns that the 77-year-old is a danger to democracy.

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