Olaf Scholz speaks plainly: stern editor-in-chief about the Chancellor interview

Olaf Scholz speaks plainly: stern editor-in-chief about the Chancellor interview

The plain text interview with Olaf Scholz was a special idea, I think star-Editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz. In the new newsletter he lists what other politicians and issues affect society.

You have to imagine my colleagues Veit Medick and Jan Rosenkranz as optimistic people. Some would even say: as foolhardy people. When the two of them came forward a few weeks ago with a special idea for an interview with the Chancellor, this optimism, this foolhardiness, perhaps even sheer madness was written all over their faces. What they suggested was almost unheard of: a conversation in which Olaf Scholz speaks plainly.

You have to know that Scholz spoke in such a controlled manner early on in his political career that he was considered a “Scholzomat”. Now, as head of government, he has perfected the art of evasive communication. We nevertheless agreed to this project, and fortunately the Chancellery and government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit did too. You have to judge whether the ultimate plain-text interview was successful. But from my point of view it has already become a Scholz interview of a slightly different kind.

My long name has one advantage

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Writer Salman Rushdie and editor-in-chief Gregor Peter Schmitz during the stern hour

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