Work: Klingbeil increases pressure on the minimum wage commission

Work: Klingbeil increases pressure on the minimum wage commission

It will take another year until the Minimum Wage Commission makes its next decisions. Nevertheless, the SPD is already driving the debate about this with clear expectations.

SPD leader Lars Klingbeil has reiterated his call for a significant increase in the minimum wage and increased the pressure on the responsible commission once again. In an interview with the dpa, he made it clear that he could imagine a reform of the committee made up of representatives of the collective bargaining parties if there was no mutually agreed increase of an appropriate amount next year. “Anything is possible, I want to say that clearly,” he replied to a related question. “For me, the focus is clearly on people who work hard being seen and getting the respect they deserve.”

In June 2023, the Minimum Wage Commission decided for the first time to increase the minimum wage per hour to 12.41 euros this January and 12.82 euros on January 1, 2025, against the will of the employee representatives. That wasn’t enough for the unions; Chancellor Olaf Scholz called moving away from the principle of consensual agreement a “breaking of a taboo.” The next decision on the 2026 and 2027 increases is due in the middle of next year. Scholz recently spoke out in favor of 14 euros in the first step and 15 in the second step and Klingbeil agreed.

The SPD leader told the dpa that he is counting on the commission to make a sensible decision next year and is therefore not calling for any reform of the commission at this point. But we have to have a discussion if it doesn’t happen that way. “There needs to be a return to the culture in the Commission of making a common proposal. That is the clear expectation that I have,” he said. “And if there are no corresponding proposals there, then there will certainly be political debates about it.”

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