Thuringia: Local politician runs on the AfD and CDU lists

Thuringia: Local politician runs on the AfD and CDU lists

Tickets from AfD and CDU: In the local elections in Thuringia, one candidate is taking a two-pronged approach. He is on the CDU list for a city council election and on the AfD list for the district council election.

In the local elections in Thuringia, a politician is running on a CDU list for the Ruhla city council and on an AfD list for the Wartburg district council. This emerges from public announcements from the city and the district. The “Tageszeitung” (taz) also reported on it.

The man is neither a member of the CDU nor the AfD, as spokespeople for both parties said upon request. A spokesman for the Thuringian CDU said they were “in discussions with those responsible on site” and were reviewing the process. According to the Thuringian Interior Ministry, which is responsible for local elections, such candidacy is permitted on lists of two parties.

Entry into the super election year in Thuringia

Local elections are taking place in Thuringia on Sunday. District administrators are elected in 13 of 17 districts and mayors in all five independent cities. In addition, district council, local council and city council elections are planned across the board. In addition, volunteer and full-time mayors are elected in many places. For the Free State, it is the beginning of the super election year, which will be followed by European elections, local run-off elections and the state elections in the fall.

Thuringia’s Left co-chair Ulrike Grosse-Röthig called on Thuringia’s CDU leader Mario Voigt to take a clear position. “If it is possible for the conservatives to run on the AfD ticket at the same time, then Voigt and his party will defend neither the EU, nor Germany, nor Thuringia from the AfD and the enemies of democracy. I expect clear words from them here Voigt and political consequences on site,” she said after a statement.

Voigt has repeatedly stated in the past that, in his view, this year’s election campaigns will end in a clash between the CDU and the AfD. The Thuringian AfD is classified as definitely right-wing extremist by the state’s Office for the Protection of the Constitution and is being monitored. The CDU categorically rejects any cooperation or agreements with the AfD.

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