Donald Trump: He is lying? And what if

Donald Trump: He is lying? And what if

A verdict in the criminal case against Donald Trump is getting closer. However, many voters don’t care how the trial turns out.

Donald Trump is frustrated, once again – and he’s lying, once again. “It’s like Fort Knox outside,” says the former US president. “You can’t get closer than three blocks to this place.” Fort Knox, the famous US Army base where one of the world’s largest amounts of gold is stored. Ordinary citizens cannot go there.

Last week, Trump stood on the 15th floor of the Manhattan Criminal Court and complained in an indignant voice that his supporters were being kept away from the trial by blocking the streets. But that is not true. Demonstrations are permitted directly opposite the courthouse. You can even hear shouts from below in the courtroom. But hardly any fans are to be seen. For someone like Trump, who is used to being surrounded by cheering crowds, that must be depressing.

What is probably bothering him even more is what is happening in court. Trump has been sitting with his lawyers in courtroom 1530 for weeks. He has to listen to people who once worked for him or who still have a score to settle with him. Sometimes he closes his eyes for minutes at a time. At the beginning of the trial, his head tilted forward and he actually seemed to be sleeping. Media around the world made this into breaking news. Since then, Trump has seemed more like he is dozing. Perhaps that is his way of putting up with it all.

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