Conflicts: China tests takeover capabilities with Taiwan maneuver

Conflicts: China tests takeover capabilities with Taiwan maneuver

With a large-scale military exercise around Taiwan, Beijing is warning the island state against striving for formal independence. Dozens of aircraft penetrated Taiwan’s defense zone.

China says it wants to use the ongoing military maneuvers off the coast of Taiwan to test its ability to take over the democratic island republic.

Operations are being carried out “to test the command’s ability to jointly take control of the battlefield, conduct joint attacks and take control of key areas,” Chinese state media quoted military spokesman Li Xi as saying.

China began the two-day exercise on Thursday as a “punishment” for Taiwan. The communist leadership in Beijing wants to warn the new Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te against striving for formal independence for Taiwan from China.

49 fighter jets registered near Taiwan

According to Taiwanese sources, China sent the largest number of fighter jets to the island this year as part of the maneuver. In the past 24 hours, 49 aircraft were registered near Taiwan, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry announced in Taipei on Friday morning (local time).

According to the ministry, 35 of the aircraft flew over the median line in the strait between Taiwan and China (Taiwan Strait) and entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. In addition, 19 Chinese naval vessels and seven Chinese coast guard vessels were sighted.

Beijing trains combat readiness at sea and in the air

China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory, although independent and democratically elected governments have been in power there for decades. Beijing has already threatened several times to unite the island, which has a population of more than 23 million, and the mainland by military force.

According to its own statements, the Chinese military wants to use the maneuver to train combat readiness at sea and in the air, as well as to attack key targets. Ships and aircraft will approach Taiwan from the north, south and east for “patrols” and will also approach several islands, such as the island of Kinmen, which is only a few kilometers from the Chinese mainland. The Taiwan Strait is around 130 kilometers wide at its narrowest point.

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