Expert Mölling: Germany corrects course towards Netanyahu

Expert Mölling: Germany corrects course towards Netanyahu

The war in Gaza is also being viewed more and more critically by the German government – according to security expert Christian Mölling, it is changing its line towards Israel’s actions.

According to security expert Christian Mölling, the German government is moving further and further away from the Israeli government’s course in the Gaza war. Mölling said on Friday in star– “The situation – international”: “People have become much more critical.” At the beginning of the conflict, Germany focused on the idea that Israel’s right to exist was part of German state policy. However, the consequences of this attitude were not sufficiently considered, according to the research director of the German Council on Foreign Relations. Mölling asked: “How do we deal with the fact that the government of the state to which we have sworn allegiance is doing things that are not right and may constitute war crimes?” The question is whether the attitude towards the state of Israel can be separated from that towards its government. With a view to a possible international arrest warrant against Israel’s head of government Benjamin Netanyahu, Mölling made it clear that the law must take precedence over other considerations. “The solution to this dilemma is to say: Of course we will stick to international law,” demanded the expert. Germany cannot now throw overboard what is the basis of its entire policy. “Then we will be cutting off our noses,” he said. “Then we will be back to a very interest-driven position.”

No prospect of peace in the Middle East

Mölling showed little hope that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be resolved. The conditions for war and violence had been created “for a whole generation”. He saw “no good solution at the moment”. The idea of ​​a two-state solution was not realistic as long as Israel had no guarantee that there was no threat from Palestinian territory. But a permanent occupation by Israeli troops would not bring peace either. The United Nations was paralyzed, the European Union was divided. In Mölling’s opinion, even a ceasefire would not lead to lasting peace. “If the shooting stops, the conflict is not over,” he said. It would be a huge problem to prevent it from starting again tomorrow or next year.

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