Extremism: Expert: Sylt video normalization of right-wing extremist content

Extremism: Expert: Sylt video normalization of right-wing extremist content

Young people shout racist slogans along to a party hit – a video of this sparks outrage. A right-wing extremism expert explains what this does to those affected.

According to expert Pia Lamberty, the Sylt video with racist slogans shows a normalization of right-wing extremist content in society. “Without any form of opposition, social norms are simply broken,” says the co-director of the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy (Cemas), which investigates radicalization tendencies and conspiracy theories on the Internet. “People can express extreme slogans in public without hesitation.”

The racist incident at Pentecost in a posh restaurant on Sylt has sparked outrage across the country. In the short video, which was shared on social media, young people chant “Foreigners out” and “Germany for the Germans” to the party hit “L’amour toujours” by Gigi D’Agostino. State security is investigating. In recent months, there have been repeated incidents in which Nazi slogans were shouted to the song – for example in Bavaria and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

The song “L’amour toujours” is now increasingly associated with racist slogans, says Lamberty. “That does something to the brain.” In this way, right-wing extremists are gaining acceptance of such slogans in society at large.

For the Cemas expert, the case makes it clear: “Right-wing extremism is not only a problem that one sees in East Germany or among people who have a lower income, but also among higher classes.”

The main threat to those affected is the structural power that these people could potentially wield. The video shows: “Racism also comes from people who have studied at universities or are in management positions.” Right-wing extremism and racist attitudes are something that can be found throughout society.

In Lamberty’s view, those affected by racism could avoid places where racist statements are made without being challenged, as in the current case, in the long term.

Source: Stern

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