EU: Von der Leyen defends cooperation with rights

EU: Von der Leyen defends cooperation with rights

The Chancellor is concerned that the German President of the European Commission will secure another term in office after the European elections with the help of right-wing extremists. The person concerned defends her strategy.

After heavy criticism, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has defended her plans for cooperation with right-wing forces in the European Parliament. In an interview with Deutschlandfunk, the CDU politician said: “It’s about winning over the political forces that are so important for the majority in the center.”

One should not look at the groups in parliament, but at the individual members of parliament. “The criterion for me is that the members of parliament with whom we want to work together, to whom we make an offer, are for Europe, for Ukraine, i.e. against Russia, and for the rule of law.”

In April, von der Leyen did not rule out cooperation with the right-wing conservative ECR group, which also includes the party of Italian Prime Minister Meloni, the ultra-right Fratelli d’Italia.

On Thursday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz indirectly warned the Commission President against trying to secure another term in office with the help of right-wing extremists after the European elections on June 9. Scholz said at a press conference that he was “very upset about the ambiguity of some of the political statements we have recently heard.” His position was clear: “We will only succeed in establishing a Commission presidency that is based on the traditional parties. (…) Anything else would be a mistake for the future of Europe.”

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