Green politician Marie Kollenrott attacked during election campaign

Green politician Marie Kollenrott attacked during election campaign

A passerby first insults the Greens and then attacks a politician. Marie Kollenrott is slightly injured in the incident and the man is arrested. It is not the first incident of this kind.

According to police reports, Lower Saxony state parliament member Marie Kollenrott (Greens) was slightly injured in an incident in downtown Göttingen. Kollenrott was attacked by a man at around 1:05 p.m. on Saturday at an election campaign event in the pedestrian zone near the Old Town Hall, Göttingen police said. The 66-year-old suspect was arrested shortly afterwards.

According to the information, the man had made derogatory comments about Kollenrott’s party, Alliance 90/The Greens, before the incident. This led to a discussion with Kollenrott, during which the man suddenly approached the politician and hit her several times in the upper body. The MP suffered minor injuries to her arms.

The attack on Marie Kollenrott is not an isolated case

Recently, there have been repeated attacks on politicians. At the beginning of the month, Saxony’s SPD MEP Matthias Ecke was knocked down and seriously injured in Dresden. The suspected perpetrators are said to have previously attacked a 28-year-old who was putting up election posters for the Green Party.

Berlin’s SPD economics senator Franziska Giffey was slightly injured in an attack with a bag, in Dresden several local Green politicians and campaign workers were aggressively harassed. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, an AfD member of the state parliament was attacked and injured.

Source: Stern

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