Russian war of aggression: Selenskyj personally invites Xi and Biden to peace summit

Russian war of aggression: Selenskyj personally invites Xi and Biden to peace summit

A Ukraine peace summit will begin in Switzerland on June 15. President Selenskyj is now asking the heads of state of China and the USA to attend in person – also to put pressure on Moscow.

In an emotional appeal, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy asked US President Joe Biden and China’s head of state and party Xi Jinping to personally attend the planned peace summit in Switzerland in June.

“We do not want the UN Charter to be burned like these books, and I hope you do not want that either,” said Zelensky against the backdrop of a printing plant in Kharkiv destroyed by a Russian missile attack. Only global unity will make it possible to force Russia to make a real peace, the president said in his speech in English, broadcast on his Telegram channel.

According to Zelensky, Moscow is preparing another attack. While Ukraine is still fending off the latest Russian ground offensive in the Kharkiv region, Russia is gathering new units kilometers north of there in order to launch a new attack further northwest, the president said.

Further Russian offensive in Sumy region possible

According to military experts, another Russian offensive in the Sumy region is possible. Russia’s goal of such an operation is to exploit its superiority in personnel and material, to overstretch the Ukrainian defense lines and thus achieve the collapse of the front – or at least to conquer further territories.

According to Zelensky, the preparations for the attack and the ongoing “terrorist” shelling of cities in Ukraine show that Russia – contrary to its rhetoric – is not ready to negotiate a real peace. At best, the Kremlin is striving for a ceasefire, which will then again be broken by Russian missiles.

Global efforts are needed to force Russia to comply with its obligations, stressed Zelensky. He pointed out that Ukraine had had painful experiences with Russian negotiating lies. “Lies that served as a cover for Russia’s preparation for war,” said the president.

Russia began its war of aggression against Ukraine more than two years ago. Immediately before the invasion, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that Russia had never invaded another country in its history and did not want war now either.

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