Nancy Faeser: “Anyone who shouts Nazi slogans must face the consequences”

Nancy Faeser: “Anyone who shouts Nazi slogans must face the consequences”

Interior Minister Nancy Faeser explains why she is disgusted by the Sylt party video, how she wants to secure the European Football Championship and why the rule of law cannot tolerate austerity measures.

Ms Faeser, as Minister of Sport, can you actually go to all the European Championship games?
Theoretically, yes, but since I am not only Minister of Sport, but above all as Minister of the Interior I am responsible for the security of our country, I unfortunately do not have the time for that.

You are considered a big football enthusiast and an Eintracht Frankfurt fan.
My father took me to the stadium when I was a child. That’s where I discovered my passion. First for Bernd Hölzenbein…

… the club’s record goalscorer …
… and then for Eintracht. I still have a ball that he signed.

Fan mile, would that be something for you?
Absolutely. I am a passionate fan and I like being around people. Unfortunately, with the security measures in place for an Interior Minister, it is no longer so easy.

The IS offshoot ISPK has called for attacks in Berlin, Dortmund and Munich. How worried are you?
The security of the European Championship is a top priority. Our security authorities are preparing with great concentration. The threat of terrorism is one thing. We are also preparing ourselves for possible cyber attacks. The European Championship is a tournament in a completely digital world. We are also preparing for hooligans. And with twelve million expected guests, there will also be the usual crime. In order to achieve the highest level of security, I have ordered controls at all German borders for the duration of the tournament. Nothing should stand in the way of a new summer fairytale.

Was the 2006 World Cup the last major sporting event at which we could feel safe and carefree?
It’s easy to forget: in 2006, times were not as rosy as they were later portrayed. Our security authorities were aware of the serious attacks in Madrid and London, both of which had occurred not long ago. Shortly before the 2016 European Football Championship in France, there were also the terrible attacks in Paris, at the Stade de France and in the Bataclan.

What is different about the security situation today than it was back then?
Today we are better equipped to deal with terrorist threats. We have our counter-terrorism center, where all the threads converge. What we didn’t see in 2006 were massive cyber attacks and disinformation, especially by Putin’s regime. That has changed the security situation.

Source: Stern

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