FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr wants to take a close look at the “Albania model”

FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr wants to take a close look at the “Albania model”

FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr sees the cooperation between Italy and Albania in asylum procedures as a possible model for Germany. Criticism comes from the Greens.

FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr supports the initiative of Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) to take a close look at Italy’s cooperation with Albania in asylum procedures. “The Albania model could be a smart solution. We should take a close look at the agreements between Italy and Albania,” Dürr told the star.

“With asylum procedures in third countries, we could create clarity about the protection status and the prospects of staying for those affected.” It is important that such a regulation can be implemented in a legally secure manner.

Dürr therefore calls on Faeser to act as quickly as possible. “Federal Interior Minister Faeser should provide information promptly about the options for third-country models that the federal government is currently examining.” The coalition has brought more order and control to German immigration policy over the past two years, said Dürr. “We should now build on that.”

In an interview with the star Sympathy for the so-called Albania model. “I am looking forward to what Italy does together with Albania,” said the SPD politician. Unlike the much-discussed Rwanda model, Italy wants to handle the asylum procedures in Albania itself, which is something different, said Faeser. “It is an interesting model that I am discussing with my Italian counterpart.”

Green MEP criticises Albania considerations

Criticism of Faeser’s initiative comes from the Greens. “Europe must urgently abandon the illusion that any other country in the world is prepared to solve our problems in migration policy – regardless of whether it is Rwanda or Albania,” said the Green European politician Erik Marquardt to the star.

The migration expert points out that in addition to all the open legal questions that still need to be clarified by the courts in Italy, there is also a very practical question: “If 27 EU states cannot manage to send rejected asylum seekers back to their home countries, why should a small third country succeed?”

Marquardt also doubts that Germany could copy a procedure like the Albania model. Italy, for example, only brings refugees to Albania who were rescued in the Mediterranean and who have not previously set foot on the European mainland. This is not the case in Germany. “It undermines trust in Europe and in the rule of law if we develop new ideas every day instead of first implementing the agreements we have made.”

Source: Stern

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