Extremism: Trial against alleged “Reichsbürger” – confession

Extremism: Trial against alleged “Reichsbürger” – confession

A group of so-called Reich Citizens is said to have planned a coup in Germany. In a trial in Hamburg, a 66-year-old man admitted to supporting the plan.

At the start of a trial about plans for a coup by so-called Reich Citizens, the accused made a comprehensive confession before the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court. The charges are correct, according to a statement read out by his defense attorney Ina Franck-Holst before the State Security Senate. However, the 66-year-old did not agree with the assessment of the group by the Hamburg Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The prosecution accuses the Schleswig-Holstein native from the Bad Bramstedt area of ​​having supported a terrorist organization and preparing a treasonous enterprise. He is said to have joined the “Kaiserreichsgruppe.” This group’s goal was to establish an authoritarian government system in Germany based on the model of the German Empire’s constitution of 1871.

The accused is said to have agreed to enter Russian territorial waters near Kaliningrad by ship with others. After their ship was intercepted by the Russian Navy, the sailors wanted to contact Russian President Vladimir Putin as a delegation. The group hoped for support from Putin. Members of the association, also known as “United Patriots”, have been on trial in Koblenz for over a year.

Source: Stern

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