European elections: Sea rescuer Rackete gets prominent supporter

European elections: Sea rescuer Rackete gets prominent supporter

Prominent support: The songwriter Konstantin Wecker is calling for people to support the independent Left Party candidate Carola Rackete in the European elections. There is one main reason for this.

He is one of Germany’s best-known songwriters: Konstantin Wecker (“Willy”, “Sage Nein!”). Now the 76-year-old is using his celebrity status to advertise for the election. He is calling on people to vote for the independent candidate of the Left Party, Carola Rackete, in the European elections on June 9th.

As an avowed anarchist, his heart beats “fundamentally more for council republics,” Wecker writes in a statement that star “But in the elections to the European Parliament on June 9, 2024, I will vote for the non-partisan activist, ecologist and captain Carola Rackete and Die Linke. Because we also need courageous people like her in the EU Parliament,” Wecker continued.

Carola Rackete

For him, refugee policy is the decisive factor. “The decision of the last EU Parliament against refugees and their right to asylum is a capitulation to right-wingers and racists: It is an attack on humanity and universal human rights,” writes Wecker. “The deaths at the external borders of Fortress Europe are unbearable.”

Wecker continued that he had already written to Rackete in 2019 when she was arrested in Italy that she was keeping “this world alive” with her commitment. In June 2019, Rackete entered the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa with 41 migrants on board as part of a rescue operation with her ship, the Sea Watch 3, despite a ban and was arrested by the Italian authorities shortly afterwards. The case was dropped two years later.

Source: Stern

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