War in Gaza: the bitter balance in numbers

War in Gaza: the bitter balance in numbers

Since last autumn, one of the strongest armies in the world has been fighting in a narrow coastal strip on the Mediterranean. It is like the fight between David and Goliath, only that the “underdog” is not called David. The Israeli military has a budget of 23 billion US dollars, the Islamist terrorists of Hamas have 300 million dollars. One of their rockets, which they repeatedly fire at Israel, costs less than 200 dollars. Intercepting the missile, on the other hand, costs 150,000 dollars.

Gaza Strip: On the run and threatened by hunger

Despite the Israelis’ superiority and the goal of completely destroying Hamas, almost 70 percent of its fighters are still ready for action. And the price for this is high: According to the International Court of Justice, the Israeli army is committing war crimes. 370,000 apartments and houses have been damaged. A large part of the population is on the run and threatened by starvation.

Israel’s Prime Minister continues

The reaction of the government in Tel Aviv to the catastrophe: simply carry on. For Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the war in the Gaza Strip is the last chance to stay in power, even though 80 percent of the population rejects his course.

You can see the tragic (provisional) balance of the Gaza operation in numbers in the gallery.

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