Anti-Semitism: Anti-Jewish insults at Stolperstein laying ceremony

Anti-Semitism: Anti-Jewish insults at Stolperstein laying ceremony

In Pforzheim, stumbling blocks are being laid for murdered Jews. Then a man is said to have turned up and shouted wild, anti-Semitic insults. The police are investigating.

An anti-Semitic incident involving vicious insults is said to have occurred in Pforzheim during the laying of stumbling blocks in memory of Jews who were deported and murdered during the Nazi era. The police are investigating a complaint against an unknown man for incitement, a police spokesman said. The incident is said to have occurred in mid-May. The “Pforzheimer Zeitung” had previously reported on it.

“We laid the stones and when we were finished, a man came running up and asked if this was about Jews,” Hans Mann from the “Initiative Stolpersteine ​​Pforzheim” reported to the German Press Agency. When those present answered in the affirmative, the man began to shout abuse, shouting, among other things, “shitty Jews,” “genocide,” and that all Jews should be shot and killed, Hans Mann continued. “He was really abusive, insulted us all and almost became violent.” It almost came to a fight, then the unknown man ran away.

According to Mann, in addition to schoolchildren and other listeners, eight relatives of the murdered victims who had traveled from Israel specifically to lay the stumbling blocks were also present at the event. “They were very upset.” The next day, a report was filed. According to their spokesman, the police are now looking for witnesses.

Source: Stern

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