Survey: Scholz ahead of Merz in chancellor preference in East and West

Survey: Scholz ahead of Merz in chancellor preference in East and West

If there were a general election next Sunday, the Union would win according to a recent poll. However, when asked hypothetically about the chancellor election, the incumbent is ahead.

If citizens could elect the Chancellor directly, according to a Forsa survey, more people would currently vote for incumbent Olaf Scholz (SPD) than for CDU leader Friedrich Merz.

In the new RTL/ntv trend barometer, 33 percent of people would vote for Scholz and 31 percent for Merz when choosing the two politicians, the broadcasters announced. The Chancellor would be ahead in both the East (30 percent) and the West (34 percent) (Merz 28 and 32 percent respectively). Among men, slightly more would choose Merz, but among women it is the other way around.

In the Sunday question, the Union is still clearly ahead, but has lost two percentage points compared to the previous week, now at 30 percent. The SPD remains at 16 percent, the AfD at 15 percent. The Greens have lost one point, to 13 percent. The FDP (6 percent), the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW/6 percent) and the other parties (14 percent) each gain one percentage point.

Source: Stern

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