Defense: Inspector General: Maneuver is “signal of deterrence”

Defense: Inspector General: Maneuver is “signal of deterrence”

In Lithuania, the Quadriga exercise ends with “live fire.” Germany’s highest-ranking officer says the Bundeswehr is consistently moving toward war readiness.

Inspector General Carsten Breuer has described the Bundeswehr exercise Quadriga 2024, which is nearing completion in Lithuania, as a signal of credible deterrence. “The Baltic States and thus our engagement in Lithuania is the cornerstone of Germany’s contribution to the defense of NATO’s eastern flank.

“Just as the Allies stood up for us during the Cold War, we stand up for the security and freedom of our partners today – on every square centimeter of the alliance territory,” Germany’s highest-ranking officer told the dpa in Vilnius. Today he is attending the final phase of the series of exercises in which armored combat troops in Lithuania are training to defend NATO’s eastern flank.

After being deployed by sea, rail and in road convoys, parts of the German Army’s 10th Panzer Division are practicing combat, including live fire, on Lithuanian military training grounds. This also involves cooperation between tank troops, artillery, engineers and medics. The men and women are supposed to show that they are ready and able to defend the alliance.

Signal also to Germans: “You can rely on us”

“The Quadriga exercise sends clear signals: a signal of deterrence to Russia. A signal of reliability to our allies, especially Lithuania,” said Breuer. And: “But also a signal to our German society: the Bundeswehr is consistently moving towards war capability. We have understood. You can rely on us.”

The Quadriga 2024 exercise, which began months ago, is “the Bundeswehr’s largest exercise in decades”. The focus is on two core tasks that the Bundeswehr must master in the defense of the alliance’s territory in Europe. “On the one hand, we are one of the largest troop contributors to NATO’s eastern flank, and on the other hand, Germany is the logistical hub for allied forces in the defense of Europe,” said the Inspector General. “Both must be practiced, all the gears must mesh smoothly: homeland security, relocation and the deployment of powerful troops. This is how we can credibly deter.”

According to its own statements, the Bundeswehr is also using newly introduced technology in the exercise, such as a 3D situation map (“Augmented Common Operational Picture”), which allows better impressions of the relief and terrain of the battlefield. In this way, the tactical situation picture can be condensed and shown in more detail in addition to the 2D maps.

Lithuania Brigade to be operational by 2027

In response to the changed security situation in Europe, the German government has promised to permanently station a combat-ready and independently capable combat unit in Lithuania. The brigade is to be operational by 2027. A permanent presence of around 4,800 soldiers and around 200 civilian Bundeswehr members is planned. The advance command with around 20 soldiers arrived in Lithuania on April 8.

Recently, doubts have been raised publicly as to whether the timetable for equipment and infrastructure is set. During a visit to Berlin, Lithuanian Defense Minister Laurynas Kasciunas said that contracts for the construction of infrastructure would be signed this year and that construction of the first accommodation for 500 German soldiers would begin in September.

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