Catholic Day: Corpus Christi service on Erfurt Cathedral steps

Catholic Day: Corpus Christi service on Erfurt Cathedral steps

The Catholic Day in Erfurt is gaining momentum after the opening – but the weather could put a damper on things.

In persistent drizzle and in front of the impressive backdrop of the cathedral, believers celebrated the Corpus Christi service at the 103rd Catholic Day in Erfurt.

Erfurt’s Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr led the service for the Catholic high festival, which was dedicated to the motto of the Catholic Day, the psalm “The future is for the man of peace.” “We urgently need a commitment to justice and peace, both in society and in politics,” said Neymeyr. Thuringia’s Prime Minister Bodo Ramelow (Left Party), himself a Protestant, also took part in the service.

Unlike in some other federal states, Corpus Christi is not a public holiday in Thuringia – with one exception: Eichsfeld, the Catholic core region in the state where Catholics form a minority.

“In this secular city, in the difficult situation before the state elections in Thuringia, we want to make the diversity of Catholic life visible in the coming days,” said the President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Irme Stetter-Karp, before the start of the service. She emphasized the ecumenical and interreligious solidarity at the Catholic Day. Representatives of the Protestant Church are also taking part. Panels and discussions will also address the relationship with Islam and Judaism.

In view of the partly extreme rain expected on Thursday, the organizers said they are in constant contact with the German Weather Service. The meeting of believers, which is largely taking place outdoors, could also be threatened by continuous rain and thunderstorms in the coming days. The Catholic Day ends on Sunday. 20,000 visitors are expected in the Thuringian state capital.

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