Slovakia: Prime Minister Fico released from hospital and now in care

Slovakia: Prime Minister Fico released from hospital and now in care

Following the assassination attempt on him, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico has been taken to the capital Bratislava, where he is expected to recover following his operations. However, the healing process is likely to take a long time.

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico, who was seriously injured in an assassination attempt, was flown from the clinic in Banska Bystrica to Bratislava on Thursday evening. This was reported by the TV news channel TA3 online, citing clinic director Miriam Lapunikova. She had previously announced that the 59-year-old Fico would not be transferred to another hospital, but would be given home care as soon as his health allowed. The public television station RTVS reported that police officers had been stationed outside the building complex in a residential area of ​​Bratislava where Fico’s apartment is located.

After the attack, Fico underwent two operations lasting several hours in the hospital in the city of Banska Bystrica. The clinic described the 59-year-old’s health condition as “satisfactory” on Wednesday.

Recovery of Slovakia’s Prime Minister likely to take “an extremely long time”

On Wednesday, Fico’s deputy said the prime minister was facing an “extremely long” healing process. Fico was “finally” on the road to recovery and had started eating again, Deputy Prime Minister Robert Kalinak told journalists. However, his recovery would “take an extremely long time, as his injuries are very serious.”

The left-wing populist head of government was critically injured by several shots fired by an opponent of the government on May 15 when he stepped outside to wait for supporters after a government meeting in the small town of Handlova. The attacker, who was arrested immediately after the attack, is currently in custody. During police questioning, the 71-year-old attacker, an amateur writer, justified his actions with hatred of Fico and his government policies, according to a court document obtained by DPA. He is being investigated for attempted murder.

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