Elections: ANC after election debacle in South Africa: “Nothing to celebrate”

Elections: ANC after election debacle in South Africa: “Nothing to celebrate”

The election results clearly show that many South Africans have lost trust in the ANC. The party wants to take the message seriously and promises reforms.

After a massive loss of power in the parliamentary elections in South Africa, the ruling party African National Congress (ANC) has spoken out for the first time. “There is nothing to celebrate,” said ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula during a press conference. After 99.91 percent of the votes had been counted, the ANC was at 40.2 percent, according to the electoral authority – a loss of around 17 percentage points compared to the last parliamentary elections in 2019.

“The results send a clear message,” said Mbalula. “We want to reassure the people of South Africa that we have heard them. We have heard their concerns, their frustrations and their dissatisfaction.”

The ANC, which despite the heavy election losses received the most votes according to the preliminary results, now wants to form a stable and effective government to implement fundamental economic and social reforms, said the Secretary General. In the coming days, the party will hold coalition talks with the parties that could push forward such an agenda. Mbalula did not say which coalition partners would be possible.

The South African Electoral Commission plans to announce the final results of the parliamentary elections this evening.

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