: Demonstrators take to the streets on Sylt against right-wing extremism

: Demonstrators take to the streets on Sylt against right-wing extremism

In a video, partygoers on Sylt chant “Foreigners out”. There is widespread outrage across Germany. In Westerland, people are demonstrating against right-wing extremism.

Around a week after a scandalous video from a bar on Sylt became known, several hundred people demonstrated against racism and right-wing extremism in Westerland. An alliance of left-wing groups called for the rally on Sunday in front of the town hall.

“We are taking a clear stance: racism and right-wing extremist ideology have no place on Sylt. Regardless of whether you are an island resident or a tourist, we stand for a colorful and livable island,” declared the “Sylt against the Right” alliance. Banners read, among other things, “Zero tolerance for intolerance.”

The speakers included politicians and the third deputy mayor of the municipality of Sylt, Katrin Kupfer. The police spoke of 450 participants and a peaceful event. There was also a rally in Keitum with few participants.

Punks are “loud against the right”

A small group of punks had already demonstrated in Westerland on Saturday. Around ten participants marched through the town in the afternoon under the motto “Be loud against the right!” The participants displayed banners with the inscriptions “Human rights instead of right-wing people”, “Prevent the pogroms of tomorrow” and “Refugees welcome”.

A week ago, a short video of a party in a bar in Kampen sparked outrage across the country because guests were chanting slogans such as “Foreigners out” and “Germany for the Germans” to the song “L’amour toujours”. The video spread rapidly online. Politicians, including Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), were appalled.

Punks have already demonstrated on Sylt over the past two years. Last summer, there was a “protest camp against the division of society through gentrification and the isolation of the rich and for solidarity” for several weeks. There were repeated complaints about noise, garbage and stench. This summer, the punks are also planning to set up their tents on Sylt for several weeks starting on July 22nd.

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