According to forecasts: Mexico’s government candidate ahead in presidential election

According to forecasts: Mexico’s government candidate ahead in presidential election

For the first time, a woman will govern Mexico. The first predictions are available after the polls closed. However, the election was overshadowed by acts of violence.

According to polls, government candidate Claudia Sheinbaum has won the presidential election in Mexico. If Sheinbaum wins the election, she would become the first female president of the most populous Spanish-speaking country. The left-wing politician was ahead according to forecasts by the business newspaper “El Financiero” and the TV station Televisa. The first official results were expected late in the evening (local time). At least two people were reportedly killed in violence outside polling stations.

Sheinbaum is a close confidante of the left-wing populist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who, according to the constitution, was not allowed to run again after his six-year term. Both belong to the left-wing Morena party. Sheinbaum is a trained physicist and former head of government of Mexico City.

For the first time in Mexico, two women competed for the office of head of state and government. Sheinbaum’s biggest rival was Xóchitl Gálvez, also 61 years old, who ran for the coalition of the three largest opposition parties. The male candidate Jorge Álvarez Máynez from a smaller party was given no chance. A simple majority is enough to win the election.

100 million eligible voters

It was the biggest election day in the history of Latin America’s second-largest economy with around 130 million inhabitants. Long queues formed in front of the polling stations. In total, more than 20,000 offices were up for election, including the governorships in eight of the 31 federal states and the capital district. Almost 100 million citizens were entitled to vote. The head of state will take office on October 1st.

Violence in front of polling stations

Media reported violence outside some polling stations. In the central states of Puebla and México, as well as in a suburb of the northeastern city of Monterrey, there was one incident each in which shots were fired, according to local media reports – and at least one death in each case.

In Puebla, according to the state electoral authority, IEE, a polling station in the municipality of Tlapanalá was unable to open because ballot papers were stolen. Voting in the town of Coyomeapan was also suspended due to violence.

In the cities of Chicomuselo and Pantelhó in the southern state of Chiapas, elections were completely suspended due to violence by drug cartels in the region. The election campaign was also overshadowed by violence. Dozens of candidates were killed. Criminal groups fighting for influence in certain regions are generally suspected to be behind the attacks.

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