Raids against “Reichsbürger” from Prince Reuss’s circle in several federal states

Raids against “Reichsbürger” from Prince Reuss’s circle in several federal states

Since this morning, police have been searching several properties in three federal states. The focus is on people from the circle of the “Reich citizen” Prince Reuss.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out another raid against suspected supporters from the circle of the “Reich Citizen” ideologist Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss. As the Federal Prosecutor’s Office has star confirmed that ten properties and pieces of land in three federal states have been searched since Tuesday morning. The “Spiegel” newspaper first reported this.

Weapons suspected among “Reich citizens”

“The measures are directed against two (…) suspects who are accused of supporting a domestic terrorist organization,” the authority said. Specifically, they are said to have provided rooms and a car to the group around Prince Reuss.

Among other things, the investigators suspected that there were weapons in the searched properties – this was also the reason why a large contingent of several hundred officers was deployed, it was said. It was not initially known whether weapons or other evidence were seized.

The Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses Prince Reuss of plotting a coup. It assumes that his alleged terrorist organization planned to set up military units in order to take power in the Federal Republic.

At the end of May, a trial against the Reich Citizens group began in Frankfurt. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses nine men and women of having been members of the terrorist organization or of having supported it. Prince Reuss is said to have acted as the ringleader.

Note from the editors: This article has been updated.

Sources: Attorney General at the Federal Court of Justice, , news agency DPA

Source: Stern

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