AfD “deportation calendar”: Cruise ship association takes legal action against it

AfD “deportation calendar”: Cruise ship association takes legal action against it

The AfD city faction from Senftenberg has printed pictures of cruise ships in a calendar – together with demands for deportation. The international industry association is now fighting back with an injunction.

International cruise companies are taking legal action against a calendar published by the AfD city council group in Senftenberg in southern Brandenburg. In the calendar entitled “The most beautiful deportation ships”, the AfD local politicians used pictures of cruise ships, some of which are clearly recognizable with the company logos. In addition, slogans such as “Right to a homeland. We also bring people back” and “Home vacation, yes, but without a return ticket” were printed over the ship motifs.

The German head of the International Cruise Industry Association (CLIA), Georg Ehrmann, said in Hamburg on Tuesday that the AfD had been asked to issue a cease-and-desist declaration. If the calendar is not withdrawn from circulation, an application for an interim injunction will follow. Neither the Brandenburg state AfD nor the AfD in Senftenberg have commented on the substance of the case when asked.

Cruise association boss: racist and disgusting

“Every company is taking action against the AfD individually to send a clear message that they will not get away with this racist and disgusting behavior,” said Ehrmann. “We are also examining whether compensation is possible.” RBB24 research had previously reported on the case.

The companies firmly distanced themselves from the AfD’s slogans. The cruise company Carnival Cruise Line told RBB: “We are shocked that photos of our ships, on which people of different origins and cultures peacefully vacation and work together, have been misused for the AfD’s xenophobic messages.”

The German head of the cruise association, Ehrmann, told the broadcaster: “Cruise shipping stands for values ​​such as cosmopolitanism and tolerance. We have many nations on our ships.”

AFD in Senftenberg does not want to comment

A video from January of this year can be seen on the AfD Oberspreewald-Lausitz Facebook page, in which a local AfD politician promotes the calendar. Previously, AfD politicians from Baden-Württemberg had already distributed a “deportation calendar” with airplanes.

When asked by the dpa on Tuesday, the AfD parliamentary group member in Senftenberg, Silvio Wolf, simply said: “I refer to the answer to the RBB.” The written statement states, among other things: “In consultation with our parliamentary group leader, we have come to the conclusion that due to the local elections and the associated activities, it is not possible for me and the parliamentary group to answer your questions in a timely manner.” The Brandenburg state AfD has not yet commented on the case, even when asked.

Source: Stern

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