Extremism: Another witness questioned in Frankfurt “Reich Citizen” trial

Extremism: Another witness questioned in Frankfurt “Reich Citizen” trial

The group around Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss is said to have planned a violent coup. For the second day in a row, witnesses are being questioned about the personal circumstances of the alleged ringleader.

The terror trial against the alleged “Reich Citizens” group around Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss continued in Frankfurt am Main on Wednesday with further questioning of witnesses. The chief detective provided information on the financial circumstances of the Frankfurt businessman Reuss.

Before the Higher Regional Court, the detective was questioned primarily about his investigations into the “Reuss Group”. According to the report, he was mainly employed to investigate assets – this included information on land register entries, real estate, companies and commercial holdings.

Reuss had control over several accounts of companies registered in Great Britain. However, it was not possible to say clearly “this company is involved in this or that field of activity,” said the witness. The official also provided information on properties connected to Reuss – for example in Thuringia. Originally, four witnesses were summoned for the day of the hearing. However, since the questioning of the first witness had already taken around three hours, two were disinvited.

Nine defendants

In Frankfurt, nine defendants are accused of being members of a terrorist organization or of supporting it. An armed coup was allegedly planned. The prosecution claims that the defendants knowingly accepted the risk of deaths. They are said to have already drawn up the basic structures for their own state order, and Reuss was slated to be the head of state. The defendants are presumed innocent until the verdict is passed.

On Tuesday, the Higher Regional Court heard the results of investigations into the personal circumstances of the alleged ringleader Reuß. The focus was on details such as company shareholdings, internet presence and clubs, the number of his cars as well as his finances, accounts and places of residence.

The defense attorneys have already rejected the prosecution’s allegations several times. Reuss himself wants to make a statement during the course of the trial, they said on Tuesday. It is not yet known when this statement will be made.

Source: Stern

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