European elections 24: This is what the world would look like if one party had the say

European elections 24: This is what the world would look like if one party had the say

How would our future develop if only one party were allowed to run free? Assuming that the elected representatives would then implement everything that is set out in their current party manifesto for the 2024 European elections. The question may be a little pointless. But we often imagine what we would do with the next lottery jackpot, even though we will probably never win or maybe not play at all. So it’s worth trying out this thought experiment.

A “perfect party world” after the European elections

AI consultant Max Mundhenke has consulted an AI for precisely this purpose. He describes the “making of” in the business network . For his experiment, he trained an artificial intelligence with the official election manifestos of the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Greens, LEFT and BSW and then asked it to use the information contained therein to create a future scenario that takes into account as much as possible what the parties have stated there.

First, the AI ​​provided a short summary in text form. For the SPD, for example, it wrote:

Admittedly, this is of course very simplified and corresponds entirely to the advertising language of the parties. There was no classification or even a deeper interpretation of the projects mentioned. With this knowledge, the images should of course also be evaluated. Ultimately, they are graphic summaries of countless empty phrases.

AfD supporters express their displeasure

And yet it is interesting how different the results have become. The images of some parties could actually be identified without a description.

Mundhenke spoke to “” about the reactions online – because his pictures attracted a lot of interest within a day. He revealed to the daily newspaper that he had received a lot of criticism, especially on Tiktok. AfD supporters in particular were outraged, it is said. “I suspect that many AfD voters have never really looked into their party program and the consequences of AfD policy,” Mundhenke told the “Berliner Morgenpost”. Therefore, the visualization of the content of the party’s election program may have “caused confusion among some,” it continues.

In the gallery above you can see how the AI ​​DALL-E3 imagines a Europe that corresponds to the respective programs of the selected German parties.

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