Russian war of aggression: Use of weapons by Ukraine: Scholz defends change of course

Russian war of aggression: Use of weapons by Ukraine: Scholz defends change of course

Germany, together with partners, has allowed Ukraine to use Western weapons against targets on Russian territory. The Chancellor explains why and what is his absolute priority.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz has assured citizens that he will do everything to ensure that Germany is not drawn into the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine – especially after Ukraine was allowed to use German weapons on Russian territory. “We have coordinated closely with our allies on how we will respond to this. As we always do,” said the SPD politician in the Bundestag against the backdrop of the government’s change of course.

It is right to coordinate closely with our partners and allies “again and again and again” before making such far-reaching decisions, Scholz added.

According to Scholz, citizens can rely on “that we act prudently. That we carefully weigh up all the risks.” He stressed: “I stand by this as Chancellor, who is committed to Germany’s peace and security.”

Russia has opened a new front against the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which has a population of one million and is close to the border with Russia, Scholz explained. Together with the partners, they have reaffirmed that Ukraine has the right, guaranteed under international law, to defend itself against attacks on its territory, its cities and its citizens. Therefore, “Ukraine can also use the weapons supplied by us and our allies – always in accordance with international legal obligations,” Scholz stressed.

Strack-Zimmermann praises Scholz’s change of course on Ukraine

The FDP’s top candidate for the European elections, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann, has praised Scholz’s (SPD) change of course. It was right that Scholz gave the green light for Ukraine to destroy missile launch pads on Russian soil, said the defense politician in the Bundestag. The FDP politician once again criticized what she saw as too hesitant support for Ukraine: “Germany is committed, but not fast enough (…) and we are completely predictable for Putin,” she said. Putin fears nothing more than a consistent reaction.

Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin had threatened the day before with an “asymmetric response” in the event that Russian territory was attacked by Ukraine with weapons supplied from the West.

Source: Stern

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