Budget: Coalition agreement: Lindner insists on agreements with SPD

Budget: Coalition agreement: Lindner insists on agreements with SPD

In view of the problems in financing the next federal budget, the SPD is pushing for tax increases and a way around the debt brake. The finance minister is urging compliance with the coalition agreement.

In view of repeated calls for tax increases and a suspension of the debt brake, Finance Minister Christian Lindner has urged the SPD to stick to the coalition agreement. “The SPD has signed a coalition agreement in which tax increases and a weakening of the debt brake are ruled out. Lars Klingbeil is publicly questioning this – although he knows that these guard rails are immovable for us,” the FDP chairman told the “Bild” newspaper (Saturday) with reference to SPD leader Klingbeil. “For higher taxes and the abolition of the debt brake, he would have to seek a majority beyond the FDP.”

According to the tax estimators’ forecast, the state will collect less tax next year than planned. Linder insists that the financing gap in the 2025 budget will be covered by savings.

On Thursday, Klingbeil reiterated the SPD’s view and toughened his tone. “What is not acceptable is simply cutting 30 or 40 billion from the federal budget,” he told the Reuters news agency. “And that is also a clear message to Christian Lindner that we Social Democrats will not go down this path and that other solutions must be found.” He mentioned either increasing revenues or taking a different approach to the debt brake as options.

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