Attack: Two AfD city councillors attacked in Karlsruhe

Attack: Two AfD city councillors attacked in Karlsruhe

In Karlsruhe, two AfD city councilors were attacked by masked men with baseball bats. They were slightly injured. The police have temporarily arrested five people.

Two AfD city councillors from Karlsruhe were attacked by masked perpetrators in front of a café in the city centre on Saturday. Three people, including the two city councillors, were slightly injured, a police spokesman in Karlsruhe told the German Press Agency in the evening. The three were treated on site. The police temporarily arrested five people and released them after establishing their identities. Other suspected perpetrators fled.

According to the AfD, the city councilors were attacked with a baseball bat. The police said a stick was found on site. Whether a baseball bat was also used could neither be confirmed nor denied, said the police spokesman.

According to the AfD in the Karlsruhe city council, the attack came from the left-wing radical scene; around ten people were involved. The police were initially unable to provide any information on this.

“Only through the courageous intervention of security personnel sitting at the next table was it possible to prevent something worse from happening,” said the AfD in a statement to the Karlsruhe city council in the evening.

Source: Stern

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