Israel: Father of hostage dies shortly before his son’s return

Israel: Father of hostage dies shortly before his son’s return

He did not live to see his son return to Israel: Almog Meir Jan’s father was discovered dead in his apartment when someone tried to tell him about the liberation.

The father of a hostage freed from the Gaza Strip has died just hours before his son’s return. 22-year-old Almog Meir Jan was freed on Saturday during an army operation after eight months of being held hostage. However, his father was found dead after his release, the Israeli Kan broadcaster reported on Sunday. 57-year-old Jossi Jan was to be buried on Sunday afternoon.

Father in Israel dies “of grief”

The deceased’s sister told the station that she had received a call from the army. She was told that her nephew had been freed, but that they could not reach his father. She then drove to her brother’s house to give him the good news. She went through the open door into the living room after he did not respond to her knocking and calling. She found him dead there.

“My brother died of grief and did not see his son return,” she said. “The night before Almog’s return, his heart stopped beating.”

Source: Stern

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