European elections: AfD strongest force in the East

European elections: AfD strongest force in the East

The AfD received a whopping 27.1 percent in eastern Germany. This makes the right-wing populists by far the strongest force in the eastern federal states.

According to an ARD projection, the AfD was by far the strongest force in the European elections in the east. As the broadcaster reported on Sunday evening, the right-wing populists received 27.1 percent in the eastern federal states, including Berlin. Behind them were the CDU with 20.7 percent and the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW), which received 13.1 percent of the vote in the east, more than twice as much as nationwide.

While the AfD was able to gain 7.5 percentage points in the East compared to the 2019 European elections, all other established parties recorded losses with the exception of the CDU, which was able to narrowly maintain its result from five years ago.

According to the ARD projection, the Greens only achieved 6.4 percent in the East, minus 7.4 percentage points. The SPD lost 1.2 percentage points and now landed at 11.4 percent. The Left suffered heavy losses. It lost 7.2 percentage points and landed at 5.5 percent. The FDP lost 1.6 percentage points and received the votes of three percent of voters.

Source: Stern

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