Demonstrations: No charges for “killing AfD members.”

Demonstrations: No charges for “killing AfD members.”

The investigation into the poster “Kill AfD members. Deport Nazis!” is discontinued. A legal subtlety influences the proceedings.

The public prosecutor’s office in Aachen has closed its investigation into a poster with the inscription “Kill AfD members. Deport Nazis!” The banner, which was carried by the Antifa youth at a demonstration in Aachen in January, does not constitute criminal conduct, the public prosecutor’s office announced on Monday. RTL had reported.

A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office explained that it was also crucial that the words “kill AfD members” were followed by a period and not an exclamation mark. In this way, the words could be read as an accusation against the AfD in the sense that the AfD’s policies are killing people. According to established case law, if there are several possible interpretations of a statement, the most favorable option should always be used.

In such cases, the specific individual case with all its accompanying circumstances must always be taken into account. Therefore, no further conclusions can be drawn from the discontinuation of the investigation in this case, said the spokesperson for the public prosecutor’s office.

Source: Stern

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