Aschersleben: 90 firearms disappeared from police academy

Aschersleben: 90 firearms disappeared from police academy

A number of pistols, revolvers and automatic rifles are currently being sought in Aschersleben. Former university employees are now to help with the search.

According to a media report, 90 firearms are missing from the Saxony-Anhalt Police University of Applied Sciences in Aschersleben. This is reported by the “Mitteldeutsche Zeitung” (Tuesday edition), which is published in Halle, with reference to an internal report from university rector Thorsten Führing to the State Criminal Police Office (LKA). The letter available to the newspaper is dated last Friday. According to research by the paper, the weapons being sought include pistols, revolvers and automatic rifles.

Court of Auditors finds “significant deviations” in weapons inventory in Aschersleben

According to the rector, in order to find the weapons, the police academy contacted former employees who were responsible for the safekeeping of firearms and other weapons. The missing firearms are said to have been loaned to the police academy from the LKA’s so-called comparative weapons collection. The collection serves police officers as teaching and visual material.

According to the report, Saxony-Anhalt’s audit office had discovered “significant deviations in the weapons inventory of the teaching materials collection” during an on-site inspection. Weapons that, according to the files, should have been in the custody of the university could not be presented.

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