Early parliamentary elections: Attal: France faces historic decision on direction

Early parliamentary elections: Attal: France faces historic decision on direction

Prime Minister Attal sees the upcoming parliamentary election in France as even more dramatic than the 2022 election: “It is a new battle that begins”.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal sees his country facing a historic decision in the parliamentary elections scheduled at short notice.

“There is more drama and history at stake in this election than in the 2022 election: the extreme right is at the gates of power and the left-wing Nupes alliance has put on an outrageous spectacle over the past two years,” Attal told deputies from the presidential camp in Paris, as broadcaster BFMTV reported. “It is a new battle that is beginning in which nothing has been won in advance.”

In the parliamentary elections, the French would be “faced with a social choice,” said the Prime Minister, stressing that there were two options: “The choice of rejection, of hatred of others, or the choice of respect for the rules and people.” It was a choice between financial and social chaos or responsibility. “You embody stability against chaos, you embody pride against retreat, you embody courage against populism,” said the Prime Minister, addressing the MPs.

Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire warned of a national crisis on BFMTV. “We are in danger of a state crisis” if no clear majority is achieved in the parliamentary elections. “The elections on June 30 and July 7 are about the future of the French nation.” For Le Maire, this is the “most serious election since 1958.” The minister called for clarity and the defense of fundamental values.

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